Pamper your guests

Looking for a way to make your guests feel special and pampered at your next event?

Consider our event packages. Pick one or a combination of all three! 

Pamper Station

Pamper station

Set up a mini nail salon at your next event where guests will be treated to mini manicures and hand massages.

Minimum booking 3 hours for 1 therapist @ $300 (inc GST)

What’s included

  • Mini Nail Bar Set Up
  • Qualified Beauty therapists
  • Salon Quality polish and hand creams (wide selection of colours)
  • Within a 3 hour period one therapist can give 12 mini manicures

Massage Station

After a long day at the office or conference guests love a seated massage to loosen up their shoulders.

Minimum booking 2 hours for 1 therapist @ $200 (inc GST)

What’s included:

  • Seated Massage chair
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Qualified massage therapists
  • Within a 2 hour period one therapist can give 10, 10 - minute seated massages. 

Heavenly Feet Station

When was the last time you went to an event and didn’t have sore feet at the end of the day?

This is a great station to set up to relieve tired feet sore from dancing or being on their feet all day.

Minimum booking 3 hours for 1 therapist @ $300 (inc GST)

What’s included:

  • Qualified massage therapist
  • Towels
  • All natural foot cream
  • Within a 3 hour period 1 therapist can give 12, 10-minute foot massages.     


Reward your team this year with an experience they'll love.

Choose from one or all of our reward packages. 

Heavenly Hand Massages

10 minute hand massages.

We use our mobile devices and laptops so frequently that it's causing underlying tension or tightness in hands and forearms.

Our hand massages feel amazing and help your staff to minimise the risk of RSI type injuries.

From $200 (inc GST)

What’s included:

  • Hand and forearm massages at the desk or in a meeting room.
  • Qualified massage therapist providing hand and forearm massages using salon quality, all natural hand creams.
  • Within a 2 hour period we can give up to 12 healing hand massages.

Stress Buster

15 minute shoulder massage per person

Perfect for staff who are at their computers all day.

These massages help relieve tension in the shoulders and is a quick on-site option. 

$300 (inc GST)

What’s included:
Your choice of Desk Massage  (at the desk)  or  Seated Massage (room required)

  • Qualified massage therapist for three hours and equipment.
  • Within a 3 hour period we can give up to 15 shoulder massages. 

Party Ready

Mini Manicures, Toe Touch-ups and Mini Massages.

Great way to pamper your staff before your XMAS party or the weekend.

Your team will be relaxed and ready to party.

From $400 (inc GST)

Your team can choose from;

  • Mini Manicure & Toe Touch-ups 
  • 10 minute desk shoulder massage
  • Hand massage

What's included:

  • Qualified massage therapist AND a qualified beauty therapist for 2 hours.
  • Salon quality nail polish and hand creams.
  • Within a 2 hour period we can usually pamper 6-8 people depending on the services they want.  


Wishing to thank someone very important to you?
Our 2 hour - home or hotel VIP package will suit anyone:

2 hours includes: 75 minute top to toe relaxation massage, foot and hand scrub, nail tidy (and paint if desired) and mini facial.

$225.00 (inc GST) - Most suburbs serviced

What’s included:

  • Qualified beauty therapist
  • Massage table
  • Towels
  • Coconut Revolution Body scrub
  • High quality facial cleansing & moisturising supplies


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