Seniors Massages & Nail care- At home or Care Facility

Our senior care massages combine relaxation massage and gentle to medium remedial massage, with focus on the individuals areas of need. 

We come to the home or facility with massage table, linen, oils/creams and relaxation music.

45 minute massage - Back neck shoulders + foot massage (or catered to need)
Weekly/Monthly: $99.00 
SPECIAL (until 18/12/18) $99.00 all bookings + Gift Voucher + FREE DELIVERY (via Aus Post)

60 minute massage - Top to Toe massage including Back neck shoulders, arms, hands moisturised and massaged, feet and relaxation foot massage
Weekly/Monthly $125.00 
SPECIAL (until 18/12/18) = $125.00 all bookings + Gift Voucher + FREE DELIVERY 

75 minute care visit -  Back neck shoulder massage + relaxation foot massage & nail tidy + hand massage + nail tidy and paint if desired. 
SPECIAL (until 18/12/18) $145.00 + Gift Voucher + FREE DELIVERY 

Contact us to book and confirm we service the desired suburb


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