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'Comfort Bundle'

Staff working from home? Are they comfortable and sitting as best they could? Would you like us to check? 

Send us to your staff for a 'Comfort Bundle' 

  • 1 x 30 minute shoulder, neck and back massage plus relaxation scalp/arm/hand massage for mouse/keyboard use. This is a fully clothed seated massage but can be booked as a table massage when booking. 
  • 1 x 10 minute Ergonomic assessment for best seating to increase energy and productivity. (please note we do not recommend changing furniture, this is guidance to use what you have to its best potential)
  • 1 x 10 minute Stretch & strengthening guidance, focusing on the neck/shoulders and back to avoid 'Uppercross Syndrome' and other posture related issues.
  • Recommendations for adding book marked 'stretch breaks' into a busy day. Print outs also given.
  •  'Signature Scent' essential oil sanitiser (50ml bottle) 

$99.00 (inclusive of GST) 1 per house hold rate

Discounts available for volume bookings & multiple staff per house hold

Contact us to check if we service your team's suburbs

6 minute Mind+Body Break

Join Savannah (from our Brisbane massage & yoga team) for a mini break from your desk to stretch & link the body + mind.

  • For the Novice to intermediate

Help your kids study ergonomically at Home

Lets make studying at home comfortable.

A quick look at how you can assess and correct your kids study at home.

Ergonomics at Your Home Office

Just 4 minutes of Simple tips to set up your desk at home, to help maintain healthy posture and therefore sustain energy through the day. (help prevent 'Upper Cross Syndrome' among many other physical conditions)

Presenter: Stephanie from Mobile Healing Hands 

At Home Massage - Kids Style!

Get your kids 'in touch' with their therapeutic self with added family bonding via massage!

A towel or blanket on a rug or carpet and some relaxation music being the only requirement.. . Ideally your child is under 50 kg (unless you can handle additional weight).
Inform your child to avoid applying weight to your spine and behind the knees.
Pause 2 to 5 seconds with each movement. Finish with tapotement (chopping/ percussion)

Pt 2 At Home Massage - Kids Style!

Fun tips to give mum or dad a super easy fun shoulder massage..  : )

Make your own Moisturiser

Tired of dry hands from cleaning them so much? 

Make a simple balm/moisturiser with your own personal scent with your guide aromatherapist Marcia from our Sydney massage team.

Quick Cooking with Garth


Join Garth for a guided healthy and delicious cooking experience. You'll just need 15 minutes during your working from home day and an appetite : )

Guided Self Massage


Join Garth to relieve headaches & keyboard strain with simple guided massage techniques.

You'll just need moisturiser & 5 minutes. If you have a demo model to practice on I'm sure they won't mind either ;)

15 minute Yoga Session


Join Savannah for a mini Yoga session to break from your work or home schooling day.

  • For the Novice to intermediate
  • You'll need Mat or carpeted area

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