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Office Massages - Health & Wellbeing programs - Staff Recognition

The health and wellbeing of your team is important

Working long hours or in stressful environments has an impact on the health and wellbeing of your employees. Help your team perform at their best, appreciated and feeling good about themselves with a regular massage as a reward. 

The quickie

From 5 minute roaming 'call centre' massages from $8.50 each to Deluxe 30 minute table massages

Our 5 minute mini massages take place at your staff desks as we walk person to person quietly signalling it's their lucky turn.

Hard working staff absolutely love this. Giving a grounding and healing touch to their day.

Treatments are light to medium focusing on the shoulders, neck and optional scalp massage or we can focus on the arms/wrists/hands.(treatment pressure/areas discussed with each recipient)

15 to 20 minute Seated Massage

Our most requested staff health and wellbeing reward.

From $20 per person our 15 and 20 minute Seated Massages take place in our high quality professional massage chairs, whilst starting the massage we ask each recipient if they have areas of concern to avoid or focus on and work the shoulders, neck, back, arms, hands and optional scalp massage to the pressure requested.

The chairs require 1 metre space in an open plan area or a spare room.

Your staff access our online booking system to book themselves in.

We have optional aromatherapy and relaxation music for a complete mobile spa feel.

From $20.00 Per person

15 and 30 minute Deluxe Table Massages

When times on your side and you want to provide a more relaxing and more meaningful treatment consider our table massages. 

All you need is a meeting room with at least 2 metres space that our therapists can transform into a treatment room. 

You can book a one off reward, fortnightly or monthly massage sessions. 

In 15 mins staff get
- choice of either back, shoulders and neck, or feet and leg work if they are runners for example.

In 30 mins staff get
- a mini full back shoulders, legs, feet and scalp or a focused back shoulder neck and scalp massage. 

And the best thing, 

We can take the admin burden via our online booking system.  But be quick, we know from experience these book out in super fast time. 

Linen is supplied, recipients to remain partially clothed with an option of dry (through clothing) or oil massage.

Optional aromatherapy and relaxation music for a complete mobile spa feel.

From $20.00 Per person


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