Are you ready to be pampered?

With our huge range of treatments there's sure to be something for everyone.

Simply tell us where, what you're after and we'll be there.
It could be your  home, office, event or party venue.

And the best thing. All you need to do is provide the space. We do the rest. 


Choose from three styles of massage. 

  1. Seated Massage - suited to events or offices where there is a dedicated space to set up our ergonomic massage chairs. Click here for more detail - Corporate Massage & Yoga
  2. Roaming Massage - where we walk around to people's desk or seats and give them a 5 minute shoulder or hand massage. Click here for more detail - Corporate Massage & Yoga
  3. Remedial Massage - the traditional, health fund rebatable massage using an ergonomic massage table. We come to you!  Click here for more info - Home / Office Remedial Massage

For Seniors treatmentsSeniors Home Health Services

Manicures & Hand Massages

Perfect for events or special occasions. We'll make sure your nails are looking fab.

  1. Full Manicure - the works. Everything you'd expect in a manicure and more. Large range of polishes to choose from. Click here for more info - At Home Manicure
  2. Tidy up - we'll fix your nails, give them a quick file and buff them up. Click here fore more info - Events & Team Rewards
  3. Hand Massage - we'll give weary hands and forearms a gentle massage to relieve the pressures of keyboard and phone use. Click here for more info - Heavenly Hand Massages

Relaxation Treatments

Put a little zen back into your workplace.
We can help you relax and relieve stress with our treatments.

  1. Yoga - qualified yoga instructors can come to your workplace each week to run wellness classes or come for a one-off visit.  Click here - Corporate Massage & Yoga
  2. Meditation - learn the techniques of mediation with a guided meditation session held at your next event or wellness day. 
  3. Reflexology - following reflexology practice, our therapists will pinpoint the pressure points on your feet and massage tension away. 

Beauty Treatments

We can come to your house, event or office to help you and your guests feel glamorous and pampered. 

  1. Make-Up - using professional make-up, our beauty therapists will create the look you're after.
  2. Hair Styling - hair stylists can create stunning looks and hairdos that will put the bounce back into your step.


All our team are qualified in the treatments they give and meet workplace safety requirements.

- massage therapist
- beauty therapist
- yoga & meditation teachers

All our team are qualified in the treatments they give and meet workplace safety requirements.

- massage therapist
- beauty therapist
- yoga & meditation teachers

Booking times

Our therapists operate in major cities from 9am till 8pm.
All packages require a minimum 2 hour booking. 
Remedial massage bookings are one hour. 


Reward you hard-working team with regular massage to relieve stress and tension from working at their desk all day long. 

Many of our clients make it a regular thing because the positive  impacts are so great. 

  • increase morale
  • decrease absenteeism (Mondays are popular)
  • increase muscle flexibility & health in shoulders, forearm and hands from keyboard use
  • increase blood flow & energy blockages allowing the brain to function efficiently

Massage can be used in your corporate wellbeing days, as part of your employee benefits program, or something agreed with the social club. 

Massage at work is a fantastic incentive for hard working staff. Flexible payment options available.


There's one thing we know for sure. Our massage and pamper stations are a hit at any event. 

Our qualified massage and beauty therapists run the day for you. There's nothing for you to do except provide the space. 

We wear neat and tidy Mobile Healing Hands uniform, but if you'd like us to, we can wear yours and blend right in.

Feel good events, for you and your guests. 

  • Promotions (wearing your branding)
  • Trade Shows
  • Product Launches
  • Exhibitions & Expo's
  • Parties


No doubt about it. After a few days at conference most attendees are exhausted.

But, delegates love seeing us at conferences.

Seated massages, foot massages (especially if you've been manning a stand all day), and pamper stations are a huge hit. 

  • Mini Massages help you fit more people in
  • Great for in-between sessions
  • Relaxed guests


We're a regular at the City2Surf, fun-runs and 1/2 marathons around Australia.

We help relieve sore muscles, aid recovery and make guests feel good after they have put their bodies to the test. 

Professional and fully qualified remedially trained massage therapists are available for sports events, triathlons and competitions.

  • Golf Days
  • Fun Runs
  • Triathlons
  • Corporate Sports Days
  • Football games


Hands up if you don't want to be pampered. Anyone?
Didn't think so!

Spoil your guests with an experience they'll rememeber. 

We have Beauticians, Nail Technicians, Make up artists, Hair stylist, Massage Therapists and Yoga Instructors here to help make your guests feel Ahh-mazing.

  • Hens Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • Farewells
  • Office Parties
  • Social Club events
  • Race Days
  • Product Launches
  • Promotions (wearing your branding)

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